Coaching for teachers!

So, I have disappeared for a long time… I’ve been enjoying my new lifestyle as an international educator! I have taught for two years in Dubai, UAE, and currently been teaching for one year in Baltimore, USA. 

Throughout my career, I have gathered a lot of experience and made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot from them. I have also always taken pleasure from coaching, training and mentoring other teachers. I have been an iPad coordinator and Apple Education Trainer and I’m currently teaching a full course online! I have taught in four different countries, in five different schools, and in many different curriculum systems!

That’s why I’m using this blog to announce my new online teacher coaching business. I am launching a new blog/website to coach teachers who are feeling a little bit burned out or demotivated or just looking to develop their career or discover new paths or maybe just ways to spice up their leasons and assessments! The coaching sessions will be conducted online through Skype, and the packages for sale will include 3-4 sessions and will be tailored according to the clients’ needs.

If you’d like more information about this exciting venture, please feel free to contact me on

In the next blog post, I shall hyperlink the new website and add more details about my coaching packages! Exciting times!


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